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Benefits of Hot Yoga

stela 9 benefits of hot yoga

Fall and winter are hands down my favorite times of the year to practice yoga. Not just regular yoga, but yoga in a room with a temperate of 100+ degrees fahrenheit. Yes, hot yoga. It’s probably the only thing that motivates me enough to get off my tush when I’m trying to keep warm with the help of a plethora of blankets and comfort foods. “Holiday weight” is a struggle that’s real. For those of you who haven’t reaped all the benefits of hot yoga, I thought I would take the time to share some with you on this fine Monday.

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Meet the Stela 9 Girl: Kamille


Kamille, our Production Assistant and yoga-teaching mama-to-be, is originally from Oklahoma but has been living in Guatemala for years now. Her and her husband, Chris, (who met in the Peace Corps) just make the most adorable duo, and when they’re not doing some type of humanitarian work in Guatemala, they are helping to take care of the 10 puppies their dog Tomas shares with the next-door neighbor, and friend’s, pup.  Who we happened to watch, and help deliver, while enjoying a casual BBQ at their home. Crazy, I know.

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