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DIY: Easy Costumes for Halloween


Is it just me, or does it become increasingly harder to figure out what you’re going to dress up as as the years go by? And what’s up with the price tag? The repertoire consists of all the usual costumes: from the range of occupations, to animals, to superheroes and everything not-meant-to-be-sexy-turned-sexy in between. There’s only 2 days left, and in standard procrastination fashion, I have yet to decide what to dress up as. If you’re in my boat, maybe you can benefit from some of these easy DIY costumes consisting of things you probably already have in your closet. If anything, it saves you the anxiety from entering one of those ginormous halloween costumes stores with a plethora of loud and obnoxious kids already high off candy running around. Or, at the very least, 75 bucks.

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