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DIY: Easy Costumes for Halloween


Is it just me, or does it become increasingly harder to figure out what you’re going to dress up as as the years go by? And what’s up with the price tag? The repertoire consists of all the usual costumes: from the range of occupations, to animals, to superheroes and everything not-meant-to-be-sexy-turned-sexy in between. There’s only 2 days left, and in standard procrastination fashion, I have yet to decide what to dress up as. If you’re in my boat, maybe you can benefit from some of these easy DIY costumes consisting of things you probably already have in your closet. If anything, it saves you the anxiety from entering one of those ginormous halloween costumes stores with a plethora of loud and obnoxious kids already high off candy running around. Or, at the very least, 75 bucks.

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Health & Wellness: Daily Detox

If you’re anything like us you’ve spent your summer drowning in fruity cocktails and unhealthy eats. But with summer coming to a close, we’re ready to kick-start our health before the whirlwind that is back to school and the holidays. That’s right, it’s time to get into detox mode.  Continue reading

Three Beauty DIYs You Need To Try

To say we love DIYs is kind of an understatement. Why spend the extra mullah (that can be spent shopping) ammirite? We’re also pretty low maintenance too, so when we’re looking to add a dose of oomph to our barely-there-mascara and air dried locks routine we scour the web for easy-but-interesting tutorials. This time around we’re all about chunky knotted braids, edgy winged eyeliner, and our absolute must-try, at-home teeth whitening. Click through to try these wicked cool beauty DIYs from Lauren Conrad, Beauty Department, and Beauty Tips For Her.

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DIY : Spring Pots

I would say that I have some what of a green thumb, it is in my blood after all. I grew up planting and caring for lush gardens full of veggies, herbs and flowers. From my previous posts, you can see that I love to have living green in and outside the house. Succulents are a trendy plant but they are also so classic and beautiful looking… plus super easy to care for, making them even more appealing! Continue reading

DIY Avocado Face Masks

If I had to survive with only one type of food for the rest of my life, I would choose Avocado! Avocados are so yummy to eat, very filling, beneficial to your health and also an excellent natural beauty product! Guatemala produces heaps of avocados. Guatemalans consume so many avocados that they are known as “panza verdes” (green bellies.) Avocados are sold in the markets, on the street and you might even be lucky enough to have one in your backyard or have a friend with a blooming tree! Avocados contain over 25 vital nutrients – vitamins A, B, C, E, and K and minerals – copper, potassium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Avocados are one of the most healthiest natural ingredients on earth, they are even considered to be a complete diet for babies. I made two amazing avocado based face masks that are super hydrating and will leave you glowing! Continue reading

DIY: Coconut Coffee Body Scrub

I am not a coffee enthusiast by any means, my idea of having a cup of coffee in the morning is having a few sips out of a friend’s cup or pouring myself the smallest cup possible (basically a shot) I get way too jittery from coffee. Sometimes I love getting that jolt of caffeine rush in the morning but if I overdue the coffee intake the rest of my day is full of anxiety. I am always up for trying new DIY beauty ideas and after hearing about this coconut coffee body scrub, I was in and now addicted.  Continue reading

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