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How to dress Fall-ish when it still feels like Summer

It’s a strange thing that’s happening in Southern California right now. It feels like the dead of summer in the middle of October. If that doesn’t mess with a girl’s psyche, I don’t know what does. Most of us are ready to tuck the shorts away, and bring out the boots, scarves and leather j’s. But pairing all three of those in this kind of weather is like mixing jean skirts and ugg boots: it just doesn’t make sense. Here are a few styles you can wear that makes you feel a tad more Fall-ish, but won’t make you melt into the ice cream you’ve been craving to cool down your body temp.


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Stela 9 Footwear 2014

I am excited to share with you that Stela 9 will now be featuring footwear! I had the most amazing opportunity to meet with our local artisans and see the step-by-step process of making the shoes. I am someone who is constantly thinking about where my clothing is ultimately coming from. After witnessing the shoe making process and dedication of the artisans I have a new appreciation for anything that is handmade in Guatemala.


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