Travel Diaries: a Boat Ride to the Gili Islands

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Two years ago, I had the good fortune of traveling to Indonesia for 15 days with four other girlfriends. Taylor, who was already in Bali, created a very detailed and fun itinerary for the rest of us who had never been. Included was traveling around Bali, the Gili Islands and Lombok.

We set out on an adventure, and quite the adventure it was. We stayed a few nights in Ubud where we got to take a cooking class, explore the markets and the Monkey Forest, then over to the more westernized Seminyak, to the surfer’s paradise of Uluwatu and all of the other “must see’s” in between. Next was to the Gili Islands for some snorkeling and beaches, and finally ending in Lombok for scooter rides and more beaches. Getting to the Gili Islands was definitely one of those dinner-table stories we’ll be telling for the rest of our lives.

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Travel Diaries: Michigan Wedding Weekend

A few weekends ago the hubs and I traveled to Michigan for a lovely backyard wedding celebration on Wolverine Lake. It was adorable and this was the perfect event to debut my new favorite Stela 9 bag, the Agave Canteen. (coming soon in the Lost Gods Spring 2015 Collection)
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Spain Travel Diaries- Part 2: Casa Batlló & Barcelona


“If we had to define Casa Batlló in some way, it would be by saying that it was an architectural smile, of an explosion of compositional pleasure by someone who was in full command of their own personal style, which enables him to disconnect from all imitation or from all contemporary or historic schools of thought.” Joan Bassegoda Nonell on Casa Batlló and Gaudi.

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Travel Diary: Mystical Yoga Farm


In June I attended a 3-week yoga certification course at the Mystical Yoga Farm on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.  The permaculture farm is a 5-minute boat ride across the bay from Santiago, Atitlan removed from most of society and almost completely ‘off the grid.’  The farm is a self-directed Spiritual Community focused on self-sustainability, producing fresh organic food, creating healthy yogi’s, teachers and healing practitioners. The desire is to heal the earth and its inhabitants through connection with nature and Spirit, the source of all of creation.

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Travel Diary: Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve


What would you think of if someone told you there was a place referred to by the Mayan as “Sian Ka’an” or the place where the sky is born?

If you thought of fresh water lagoons spreading for miles and miles, where the still water reflects the surroundings like crystal mirrors you’re right. The lagoon is located in the “Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve” which spans over five thousand kilometers of barely touched terrain.

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Pinterest Picks: Travel Destinations That Make Us Swoon

If you haven’t already noticed, us Stela 9 ladies are a wanderlust bunch. When we’re not jet-setting across the world to exotic locales or making life-changing moves you better believe we’re dreaming about it. Here, we’ve rounded up ten magical places spotted on Pinterest that are on our must-see places list.

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Antigua Markets

This morning I ventured to the vibrant and bustling markets of Antigua. The market can be very overwhelming and super crowded. At this particular market you can basically find anything your heart desires – from clothes, beauty products, textiles, electronics to fresh veggies, fruit, meat, fish, flowers, etc. I typically only hit up the veggie, fruit and flower stands. Continue reading

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