Meet the Stela 9 Model: Corina from Wild & Free Jewelry


Corina from Wild & Free Jewelry. If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting her firsthand, you know she is one of the sweetest souls around. Not to mention, super talented and business savvy. If you haven’t met her, you can gather up as much from following her journey on instagram. Beautiful photos, her amazing jewelry, the genuineness behind it all, the humility just translates. Continue reading


Meet the Stela 9 Girl: Sara

sara with grunes

Next up to bat in our “Meet the Stela 9 Girl” series is, my girl, Sara. This French-speaking, pizza-loving, country-music-listening cutie actually hails from our neighbor to the North, Canada – but lucky for me, her family moved to my hometown in southern California years ago and turned her into a California girl. Even luckier for me, Sara decided to take the big leap and come and join Stela 9 in Antigua this past October and was the first official addition to our little south-of-the-border team. Continue reading

Meet the Model: Alexandra


To complete the trio that helped our <<New Myths>> collection come to life, allow me to introduce you to Allie. This Southern Belle comes from Tennessee and is currently living in Georgia. When she’s not hiking any mountainous surface, you can usually find her snuggling up to one of her favorite furry babies. She may be more coordinated hanging vertically alongside a cliff than walking down a set of bleachers…. but we can’t pick all our battles. In short, she’s an all-natural, adventurous and outdoorsy beauty who given the choice would rather spend her time admiring all things Mother Earth so graciously offers. Some of us definitely need to take a page from her book.  Continue reading

Meet the Videographer: Josh

Josh Ballinger - Stela 9 Videographer

Do you love our <<New Myths>> lookbook and video? Well you can thank Josh, the creative visionary behind it. The passion in his work is not only evident, but inspirational to all who get to bear witness. Josh is the kind of artist that reminds you to see beauty in the mundane and takes full advantage of the time he has… even if it means dealing with a couple of us who get a bit hangry. We all had a great time watching it come alive in the whimsical streets of Antigua all the way to the mystical Lake Atitlan.  Continue reading

Meet the Model: Faith

Stela 9 - Faith New Myths ModelI had the pleasure of meeting Faith when she flew down to Guatemala to shoot our <<New Myths>> collection last winter. I liked her instantly. She’s easygoing, down for the adventure and keeps it real. Which includes putting her partner, and videographer for the lookbook, in his place when needed. Not to mention, she’s just about the cutest and most down to earth mama around.

Continue reading

Meet the Stela 9 Girl: Jess

Jess Bercovici Stela 9

Jessica, the founder, creative force and mama-bear of Stela 9. Originally from Los Angeles, Jess first found herself in Guatemala for an archeology project where she inevitably fell in love with the Mayan culture, artisan leather crafting and weaving traditions. Which I’m sure you already knew if you’ve read our About section.  But in any case, alas, Stela 9 was born and the rest is history. And we’re so glad it is.  Continue reading

Meet the Stela 9 Girl: Alexandra


Alexandra is my dear friend, stemming back from our hometown of Aliso Viejo in Southern California. It was thanks to this little gem that I actually found my way to the Stela 9 HQ here in Antigua. That’s right, Director of Production/Assistant Stylist… and recruiter. Jack of all trades, really. There are many stories I could tell about this chica, including her most embarrassing story, but since she knows where I sleep… and all my deepest darkest secrets, mum’s gonna have to be the word. I’ll tell you, however, it would not disappoint. Continue reading

Meet the Stela 9 Girl: Kamille


Kamille, our Production Assistant and yoga-teaching mama-to-be, is originally from Oklahoma but has been living in Guatemala for years now. Her and her husband, Chris, (who met in the Peace Corps) just make the most adorable duo, and when they’re not doing some type of humanitarian work in Guatemala, they are helping to take care of the 10 puppies their dog Tomas shares with the next-door neighbor, and friend’s, pup.  Who we happened to watch, and help deliver, while enjoying a casual BBQ at their home. Crazy, I know.

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