How to dress Fall-ish when it still feels like Summer

It’s a strange thing that’s happening in Southern California right now. It feels like the dead of summer in the middle of October. If that doesn’t mess with a girl’s psyche, I don’t know what does. Most of us are ready to tuck the shorts away, and bring out the boots, scarves and leather j’s. But pairing all three of those in this kind of weather is like mixing jean skirts and ugg boots: it just doesn’t make sense. Here are a few styles you can wear that makes you feel a tad more Fall-ish, but won’t make you melt into the ice cream you’ve been craving to cool down your body temp.


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Today’s Vibe: Buy The Shoes

Stela 9 - Life is Short

Life is short. We’ve all heard it, we all know it. Today’s vibe is exceptionally vibing with us because now that we’re moving into the next season (although any of you in SoCal are confused by this insane heatwave), it’s time to slowly put away the sandals and wedges and break out the booties and loafers. We know there’s close to nothing that provides such a glorious feeling as a new purchase. So go ahead and do yourself a favor and just BUY THE SHOES; because, life is short. See how things just move in a circle like that?

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10 of the Top Fashion Movie Moments


There’s nothing more unstoppable than a leading lady with looks to kill… and an outfit to match.  We’re a bunch of movie buffs here so when we’re not knees deep in the actual story, you know we’re admiring and/or judging the head-to-toe look. It’s not just on Halloween that we want to show our greatest form of gratitude by following some of these trendsetters so clearly we’ve done our homework. Continue reading

#OOTD: 3 Stylish Looks to Try This 4th of July

4th of July is one of our favorite holidays here at the Stela 9 HQs. We may have ditched sunny LA for the magical land of Guatemala, but we’re always down for BBQs, sparkly fireworks, and showing off our patriotic sides. Here, we’ve put together 3 all-American outfit ideas for the 4th of July. And don’t worry, you won’t be seeing any Old Navy flag tees here!

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Pinterest Picks: Your Guide to Summer Street Style

This weekend marks the official start of summer and you know what that means? It’s time to let down your hair, head to the beach, and maybe grab a margarita (or two).

In honor, we’ve rounded up ten fierce looks from a huipil-print skirt to the sweetest lace crop top that will no doubt spark a summer wardrobe overhaul. Go on, your weekend style inspiration awaits…

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Spring Trend Forecasting

It’s Spring time!!! Flowers are blooming, the sun is starting to feel warm again and its time to rock some new fashion. Spring opens a whole new book of possibilities when it comes to your wardrobe. You can finally shed the layers of sweaters and slip into something that makes you feel fun and flirty. The following are my favorite spring trends to be rocking. They are fresh ideas that will give you a new way to have fun getting inspired to get dressed everyday! These trends are not about a certain era or type of girl so you can always keep the essence of your personal style with integrating these staple spring trends into your wardrobe.  Continue reading

Moon Chaser

Can a girl love the moon <<too>> much?? The M O O N >> a loyal companion, it never leaves. Always there waiting for you. The moon understands, always. It knows us in our light and dark moments, changing forever as we do.  The first total lunar eclipse of the year has me buzzing. The moon took on an eerie blood-red hue, making it appear as beautiful as ever. For the non star gazers, lunar eclipses occur when a full moon passes through part of or all the Earth’s shadow. Total lunar eclipses happen when the moon is totally enveloped by the Earth’s shadow, darkening the face of the moon. I am a self proclaimed moon chaser and star gazer, my mind is always looking to the sky for inspiration. If everyone sat outside and looked at the stars every night, life would be different for all. The energy of the full moon and total lunar eclipse inspired me for today’s blog post! Continue reading

Coachella Survival Kit

Are you lucky enough to be Coachella bound this April??  Music lovers of all kinds will be flocking to Indio, California for two consecutive weekends to jam out with their favorite bands. Coachella is in the desert, in the middle of nowhere…I put together all my favorite essentials that will keep you stacked and refreshed instead of melting in the hot SoCal sunshine.  These essentials will keep you looking flawless and make you a standout while carrying our Stela 9 Santiago Backpack. Head over to our Instagram account @STELA_9 and see how to enter in our Coachella Giveaway featuring the Santiago Backpack!

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Stela 9 Footwear 2014

I am excited to share with you that Stela 9 will now be featuring footwear! I had the most amazing opportunity to meet with our local artisans and see the step-by-step process of making the shoes. I am someone who is constantly thinking about where my clothing is ultimately coming from. After witnessing the shoe making process and dedication of the artisans I have a new appreciation for anything that is handmade in Guatemala.


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