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A [delayed] Tribute to Women

Although I know I’m a couple days late of International Women’s Day… I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a woman. What makes us feel blessed to be women and what makes us [sometimes] feel not so blessed to be women. We go through and carry so much. Emotional roller coasters, physical insecurities, menstrual cramps, child birth, and weight gain –  just to name a few (purely biological) compared to our male counterparts. But as I get older, I realize how amazing it is to be a woman. We’re capable of so much, and we take on so much. Our minds are intricate and our emotions complex, but with that we’re able to multitask and, often times, are the pillars within our families and the glue that holds it all together. Men may be physically stronger, but we’re typically much stronger emotionally and mentally. Physical strength diminishes with time, but like the fine wine that we are, we continue to grow wiser and more confident as our years go by. So it’s time to let the insecurities go and rejoice in all that we are! Like they say, “behind every great man lies a great woman.”  So cheers to that *

To all the amazing ladies out there, I share with you some quotes I find inspiring:









Oscar Red Carpet 2015: Our Favorites

Oh, the Oscar’s. A time for all of us to marvel over gorgeous stars wearing stunning gowns or perfectly tailored suits. It’s a 3 hour+ affair, best spent judging [lovingly] with your favorite gal pals over a couple bottles of wine and cheat-day type snacks. If you’re feeling extra daring, it’s always a good time to take it to the next level and bet on who you think will win. On the main categories, of course. About 2 hours of the show are spent congratulating categories no one truly cares about. JLaw’s clumsiness and Ellen’s A-list celebrity stuffed selfie were missed but I have to give credit where credit is earned: Neil Patrick Harris owned his host role and kudos to Patricia Arquette on her “women’s equal rights” rant. Anyways, here are some of my favorite dressed stars.




x700-4 x700-5



2015 Resolutions

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 4.15.44 PM

So, it’s been a while since our last post. It’s been a pretty crazy several weeks with the holidays and then the launch of our Kickstarter campaign — which I must take a moment to sincerely thank EVERYONE again for all the support and love in ensuring our campaign was a success. We truly are so grateful and over the moon!

Now, in honor of the new year, it only makes sense to get moving on those resolutions. If you’re anything like me, you’ve dabbled with a couple ideas, but haven’t ACTUALLY started. It took me a few days to recover from NYE, ok?

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Benefits of Hot Yoga

stela 9 benefits of hot yoga

Fall and winter are hands down my favorite times of the year to practice yoga. Not just regular yoga, but yoga in a room with a temperate of 100+ degrees fahrenheit. Yes, hot yoga. It’s probably the only thing that motivates me enough to get off my tush when I’m trying to keep warm with the help of a plethora of blankets and comfort foods. “Holiday weight” is a struggle that’s real. For those of you who haven’t reaped all the benefits of hot yoga, I thought I would take the time to share some with you on this fine Monday.

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DIY: Easy Costumes for Halloween


Is it just me, or does it become increasingly harder to figure out what you’re going to dress up as as the years go by? And what’s up with the price tag? The repertoire consists of all the usual costumes: from the range of occupations, to animals, to superheroes and everything not-meant-to-be-sexy-turned-sexy in between. There’s only 2 days left, and in standard procrastination fashion, I have yet to decide what to dress up as. If you’re in my boat, maybe you can benefit from some of these easy DIY costumes consisting of things you probably already have in your closet. If anything, it saves you the anxiety from entering one of those ginormous halloween costumes stores with a plethora of loud and obnoxious kids already high off candy running around. Or, at the very least, 75 bucks.

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How to dress Fall-ish when it still feels like Summer

It’s a strange thing that’s happening in Southern California right now. It feels like the dead of summer in the middle of October. If that doesn’t mess with a girl’s psyche, I don’t know what does. Most of us are ready to tuck the shorts away, and bring out the boots, scarves and leather j’s. But pairing all three of those in this kind of weather is like mixing jean skirts and ugg boots: it just doesn’t make sense. Here are a few styles you can wear that makes you feel a tad more Fall-ish, but won’t make you melt into the ice cream you’ve been craving to cool down your body temp.


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Meet the Stela 9 Girl: Sara

sara with grunes

Next up to bat in our “Meet the Stela 9 Girl” series is, my girl, Sara. This French-speaking, pizza-loving, country-music-listening cutie actually hails from our neighbor to the North, Canada – but lucky for me, her family moved to my hometown in southern California years ago and turned her into a California girl. Even luckier for me, Sara decided to take the big leap and come and join Stela 9 in Antigua this past October and was the first official addition to our little south-of-the-border team. Continue reading

The Heartbreak Heard ‘Round the World: George & Amal Wed

Stela 9 Heartbreak heard around the world blog george amal

Now that I’ve had a day to digest, it’s time to acknowledge the fact that yes, Curious/Bachelor/Non Committal George has in fact tied the knot. Nope, not to his usual leggy, bombshell type of gal. Although usual is the keyword here because she is a leggy bombshell. What makes her different is that she is intelligent, ambitious and educated. Not to say the others were not, but you know where I’m going with this.  Continue reading

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