“You’re the things you believe in…”



I stumbled upon this poem today, and I couldn’t pass it by without sharing it. It’s one of those reads that I believe resonates with every woman.

As women, we are often our worst and harshest critics. We compare ourselves to others and often set up expectations that are completely unrealistic. We can find a million ways to fall short, instead of celebrating the unique traits that simply makes us… us. Truth is, we’ll never be younger, prettier, or more capable than we are right now.

We aren’t our age, weight, hair color, eye color, brands or size of clothes, or even just a sister or mother or writer or student. We are an accumulation of our experiences. Our loud laugh, clumsy walk, our favorite books and movies, communication style and the thing that always lifts our spirits. What makes us happy and what makes us sad – the good, the bad, the ugly. And within all of our complexities, what makes it all so beautiful and interesting, is that it’s ours.



  1. Susan says:

    When people ask my age or say I look younger (older) i am always taken aback and wonder why they would ask or comment about such an unimportant thing. I do not define others by their age, height, sex, color, etc. and I do not understand why they want to define me…..

  2. magpie kelly says:

    Beautiful post! May I ask you a question- HOW did you ever get your logo at the top of the yumblog theme centered and large!? I have a large and centered (random) photo, now which must be left-over CSS from another premium that I experimented with for just a few hours. When I upload and choose a new header photo it becomes a little scrawny banner in the top left corner of the page. argh! A tech support isn’t very supportive.

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