Benefits of Hot Yoga

stela 9 benefits of hot yoga

Fall and winter are hands down my favorite times of the year to practice yoga. Not just regular yoga, but yoga in a room with a temperate of 100+ degrees fahrenheit. Yes, hot yoga. It’s probably the only thing that motivates me enough to get off my tush when I’m trying to keep warm with the help of a plethora of blankets and comfort foods. “Holiday weight” is a struggle that’s real. For those of you who haven’t reaped all the benefits of hot yoga, I thought I would take the time to share some with you on this fine Monday.

Heavy Sweating – The heavy sweating from practicing yoga in a heated room is said to detoxify and help flush all the toxins from the body & skin.

Flexibility – The heat allows the body to relax quicker which helps in getting deeper into postures, promoting flexibility and strength.

Accelerated Heart Rate – Working out in a heated room helps to elevate the heart rate, which in turn causes the body to work harder. Aka. building strength & burning more calories.

Relaxation – The temperate also allows the body to relax. Since yoga is very centered on focusing on the breath, breathing and focus is said to improve, which develops better mental concentration.

I’ve introduced hot yoga to a few friends, some more welcoming to it than others. The key, I’ve learned, is to become comfortable in the heat and with the sweating. It can be overwhelming at times, especially when it’s tripping in your eyes, but the trick is to stay concentrated on the breath and take breaks to towel off or hydrate when necessary. With time, your body and mind get used to the temperate and that’s when you really start noticing your practice reaching higher levels. For me, there’s not much that is more invigorating than an hour of hot yoga on a cold day.

*image courtesy of pinterest.

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