Travel Diaries: The Alhambra Palace, Granada


This August I went on an amazing roadtrip with my dad and sister through the south of the Iberic Peninsula, starting in Lisbon, Portugal and ending in Madrid, Spain. It was hot, like mind-numbing hot, but luckily I packed my lightest, most summery clothes and my favorite travel bag to have ever been made, the Stela 9 Mini Mochila. 



There were a few places that truly stole my heart, one being the much anticipated Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. Since its original construction the Alhambra palace has been under Moorish and Christian hands which means visitors move from era to era in a few hours, part of what makes it such a captivating sight. It is breathtaking the amount of workthat went into all the arabesque decorations and tilework in the different buildings of the complex. I have studied repeat pattern design and still stood in awe at the complexity and detail of the tile and yeso work. Its really impressive how they were able to combine marble floors, tiled walls, wood ceilings, and iron detail and have it fuse so harmoniously.













I wish I could tell my 10 year old self when I was painting princess castles that there is the most enchanting palace that has no tall watch towers or stunning rock walls but instead it has fountains of mighty lions, white marble floors, stunning views, arched rooms, and thousands of hours of work of elaborated wall and ceiling decorations. And yet as much as I can write about it, this palace hidden among the thick greenery is only as magical when experienced first hand, after all it is “a pearl in the middle of esmeralds”.



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