Travel Diaries: Monkey Temple

Last May Alexandra and I spent a month in India to meet with our artisans there and to get to know the country a bit better.  We traveled around Northern India and spent a ton of time in the “Golden Triangle” – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.  Per usual, it’s taken me a year to finally go through some of our images from that trip and those below document one of my favorite travel experiences ever, Galtaji (aka the monkey temple).  This place far exceeded my expectations.  Because we were there in May (a month famous for its high temperatures), there were virtually no other tourists.  This let us see how the temple operates on a day to day basis.  Local men dove into the natural water springs,  women bathed in the lower pool and we got to hang out with the priests and rhesus macaque monkeys.  And by “hang out” I mean that the monkeys literally sat on our heads.  Basically the kind of scenery that dreams are made of.


IMG_5929 IMG_5922 IMG_5918 IMG_5879 IMG_5874 IMG_5837 IMG_5835 IMG_5826 IMG_5805monkey-2 IMG_5788 IMG_5768 IMG_5764 IMG_5717 IMG_5706 IMG_5704 IMG_5697 IMG_5691 IMG_5680 IMG_5661 IMG_5649 IMG_5647 IMG_5642 IMG_5641 IMG_5637signature


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