Health & Wellness: Daily Detox

If you’re anything like us you’ve spent your summer drowning in fruity cocktails and unhealthy eats. But with summer coming to a close, we’re ready to kick-start our health before the whirlwind that is back to school and the holidays. That’s right, it’s time to get into detox mode. 

We understand detoxing can often be a strenuous and time consuming task, so we were thrilled to find this easy-to-make daily detox water that gives us a surge of energy first thing in the AM.

detox water recipe

recipe via Henry Happened

Daily Cleanse Water

  • Add 1/2 Lemon juice, dash of cayenne pepper, and a few slices of ginger (all are immune boosters and natural detoxifiers) to a glass of room-temp filtered water; mix well and drink up!

We’re avid supporters of detoxing systems, but recommend speaking with a healthcare professional or licensed dietitian before taking any drastic measures. 

Happy detoxing!




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