The Challenges of Decor

We have some very exciting news here at the Stela 9 headquarters!  We are moving from our very small office to a commercial space here in Antigua, Guatemala.  The best part of this is that there’s enough space for us to house our warehouse, a store and a cafe within the same space.   It’s honestly a dream come true.  Now the challenge is to come up with a cohesive theme and decor for the entire space.  I’ve been playing around with a ton of ideas in my head.  Do I pull inspiration from Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul and go for bright colored walls, pre-columbian art and touches of Mexican folk art OR do I keep it clean and simple with Moroccan lanterns, muted terracottas and turkish rugs?  Thankfully I have Pinterest to assit (and confuse) me.  What do you think?  Clean and simple or colorful and funky?   Make sure to check out our Pinterest for more design ideas.   blog5



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