Meet the Stela 9 Girl: Jasmin

Stela 9 Bolsa Mediana

Jasmin leads our PR and Social Media and, while we’re out here running a muck in Guatemala, acts as our trusted eyes and ears back in our hometown of L.A. Not only is she creative and hardworking, as you could probably already decipher if you’re a fan of our Pinterest page, but if you want something done, and done right, this is your go-to girl. 

Her favorite quote are words to live by, and I have to say, her important lesson on love is as well. She knows the value of a bold lipstick and if you’re in the mood to actually watch Titanic, you may want to “lose” her invitation in the mail. In the sweetest, accidental, “I’m not sure what happened,” type of way, unless of course you’re interested in sharing her hidden talent. Who are we to judge. In any case, leave it to Jas to get her best compliment from a homeless guy. That’s when you know you’ve made it.

My name and current location is: Jasmin Perez, Los Angeles

The nickname my friends have for me is: Jas, Jassy

I would describe myself in the 3 following adjectives: Quirky, go-getter, optimistic

I would describe my style in the 3 following adjectives: laid-back, simple, polished-boho

When I was a child, I wanted to be a: an iceskating astronaut (needless to say that didn’t quite pan out)

I cannot leave the house without: my keys, which I have before. Not fun.

The most awkward date I’ve ever been on: My first (and last) blind date… he was my height… which is 5’1″. He was nice though!

My favorite quote is: Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together! – Elizabeth Taylor

The funniest walk-of-shame outfit I’ve ever worn was: Oh god… probably some sheer tunic from free people and thigh high lace-up boots. Cute for a night out, not so cute on an LA street at 11 AM.

On a typical Saturday night, you can usually find me: I don’t do Hollywood on weekends, so probably at home binge-watching Law & Order SVU and Friends re-runs

My favorite movie/television show is: See above.

My biggest pet peeve is: bad drivers.

I have a weakness for: Sample sales and cute cafes.

The food I crave the most is: sweets. usually something chocolate.

My best stress reliever is: a good nap, hike, or hot yoga.

My celebrity crush is: Josh Hartnett – aka Trip Fontaine

The quality I like most in a man is: having his shit together! VERY rare in LA.

My favorite alcoholic beverage is: used to be whiskey, but now that I’m a “grown up” (whatever that means) I try and stick with wine.

The embarrassing moment that still makes me cringe was when: everything I do makes me cringe.

If I could travel to any country in the world right now, it would be: Thailand!

My hidden talent is: I know every line from Titanic… even the old lady parts.

I’m passionate about: food

My favorite Stela 9 bag is: Tough… but I’m really loving the Volcan Canteen. So cute and versatile.

My style go-to is: chambray shirt, skinnies, and a pair of ankle boots.

When I want to feel sexy, I put on: red lipstick

The best pickup line that worked on me was: I’m not one for pickup lines, but a good convo usually ensures date #2

I’m totally addicted to: coffee. like headache status if I skip a morning

The most important lesson I’ve learned about love is: The most important person to love is yourself.

The best compliment I’ve been given was: Well.. the other day a homeless guy in downtown told me he liked the way my hair bounced. HA. weirdo.

The song that always puts me in a good mood is: Pistol Annies, “Lemon Drop”

My weirdest phobia is: choking when I’m home alone.

When I wake up in the morning, I always do these two things: Coconut swish and brush teeth.

If I could pick four people to have dinner with, dead or alive, I’d choose: Just my brother and sis.

My guilty pleasure is: spending big bucks on something I really want + saved up for.

Something people have wrong about me is: I’m naive because I’m young. I think most people in their early 20s feel that way.

In 5 years, I see myself: Hopefully doing something really cool, because i’ll be turning 30. dun dun dun.

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