Meet the Stela 9 Girl: Alexandra


Alexandra is my dear friend, stemming back from our hometown of Aliso Viejo in Southern California. It was thanks to this little gem that I actually found my way to the Stela 9 HQ here in Antigua. That’s right, Director of Production/Assistant Stylist… and recruiter. Jack of all trades, really. There are many stories I could tell about this chica, including her most embarrassing story, but since she knows where I sleep… and all my deepest darkest secrets, mum’s gonna have to be the word. I’ll tell you, however, it would not disappoint.

Her hidden talent is one of my favorite parts about her, understandably as a female living in a world of males who make idiotic decisions on an almost constant basis. Her big family (that I pretend humbly believe are also mine during family parties) and never-failing ability to be there for you when you need her the most are amongst others. If you’re mid-convo about a topic you’re, or she’s, unsure of and you notice her hands and eyes drift to her phone, it’s because she’s google-searching the answer, and I’ll assure you there is no one on God’s green earth who is better skilled. When it comes to retrieving information, she gives Sherlock Holmes a real run for his money.

As you’ll probably tell by reading her interview, she’s not one for self-diclosure so naturally she asked me to describe her in 3 adjectives… which I had the courtesy of figuring out with the rest of our Stela 9 girls. #spoileralert

My name and current location is: Alexandra – location Stela 9 HQ Guate

The nickname my friends have for me is: Al, Alla, Alex, Q

I would describe myself in the 3 following adjectives: Analytical, kindhearted, inquisitive

I would describe my style in the 3 following adjectives: i ❤ jeans

When I was a child, I wanted to be: an actress

I cannot leave the house without: chapstick

The most awkward date I’ve ever been on: This guy showed up for our first date completely drunk one time.. which was weird but also not that awkward because liquid courage.

My favorite quote is: Only time will tell.

The funniest walk-of-shame outfit I’ve ever worn was: It’s been a while since I’ve walk-of-shamed

On a typical Saturday night, you can usually find me: At home watching HULU, or on the dance floor at Las Vibras

My favorite movie/television show is: Meh

My biggest pet peeve is: right now – mosquitoes. Also, flies.

I have a weakness for: men with buns

The food I crave the most is: Beans and rice with lots of cilantro and onions

My best stress reliever is: only those closest to me know the (sad) truth

My celebrity crush is: Gerard Butler <33333

The quality I like most in a man is: Manliness

My favorite alcoholic beverage is: Tequila

The embarrassing moment that still makes me cringe was when: it’s honestly too embarrassing and not PG enough for this quiz

If I could travel to any country in the world right now, it would be: Cuba, Morocco, Brazil, Tanzania, Vietnam, Peru, Denmark… to name a few

My hidden talent is: Armchair psychology :):)

I’m passionate about: a healthy, happy, chemical-minimal lifestyle

My favorite Stela 9 bag is: My custom Isabel Weekender

My style go-to is: Jeans and a T with some kind of sweater tied around my waist

When I want to feel sexy, I put on: ^^ add a boot with a heel

The best pickup line that worked on me was: “Do you know how much a polar bear weighs?”


“Me neither… but it’s enough to break the ice….”

.. Get it????

I’m totally addicted to: Marie Sharp’s

The most important lesson I’ve learned about love is: It’s nice.

The best compliment I’ve been given was: “you make me happy”

The song that always puts me in a good mood is: Can’t get enough of your love, Babe. – Barry White

My weirdest phobia is: I’m too scared to answer this question and put that out into the universe.

When I wake up in the morning, I always do these two things: take a shower, eat a big breakfast

If I could pick four people to have dinner with, dead or alive, I’d choose: My Nanny, DVF, Abuelito Gustavo, Albert Einstein

My guilty pleasure is: ICE CREAM

Something people have wrong about me is: I’m not sure about this one

In 5 years, I see myself: –feeling balanced– (as per that astrologer I saw in India)

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