Travel Diary: Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve


What would you think of if someone told you there was a place referred to by the Mayan as “Sian Ka’an” or the place where the sky is born?

If you thought of fresh water lagoons spreading for miles and miles, where the still water reflects the surroundings like crystal mirrors you’re right. The lagoon is located in the “Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve” which spans over five thousand kilometers of barely touched terrain.

photo 1

photo 2

How did we end up here, well, I had the great pleasure of being part of Stela 9’s Spring photoshoot in breathtaking Tulum, Mexico. I was prepared for white sand and clear, blue waters but I had no idea I was going to have the chance to visit a place as special as this reserve. We boarded the small “lancha” and set out across the vast blue, and as we cruised through the landscape became more and more stunning. For more than half of our boat ride there was no else to be spotted on the lagoon, no one. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was ours for those minutes and it was beyond perfect.

Muyil Lagoon

photo 3

We got to jump into the lagoon and float down the canals and the water was beyond perfect, like Maddie kept saying, “This is like jumping in and out of a spa”. But I think it was much more than that, because in no spa do you get little fish swimming all around you and tangled mangrove trees fencing the emerald colored clear water.

IMG_8920 IMG_8951photo 4

It was a perfect adventure to top off a wonderful week, needless to say I feel so extremely lucky to have experienced this piece of paradise, where the sky is born.

Until next time, Maria



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