10 things I Love today.

I have a few obsessions in my life, some have been longterm obsessions and most are apart of my daily routine. Read on to be inspired about 10 things I  L O V E  today.

laceLace, lacey, lace ::: I’m the kinda girl who can not get enough. Dresses, tops, skirts, intimates… I am obsessed. When I was packing for Guatemala, I realized how much white lace I own (an obscene amount). I am always gravitated towards flowy white lace when looking for new items to add to my collection. Lace is perfect for dressing up or down or going from the beach to the party, this will always be a staple piece for me, it’s the boho gypsy in me.


Peacock Chair ::: The boho in me translates through fashion and my love of decor. I am in love with peacock chairs, such a statement piece, I really love the vintage ones also. This will definitely be one of my first purchases when I finally settle down somewhere. I am always unconsciously pinning them all over my Pinterest board.



Coconut Oil ::: I can rely on this dreamy tropical smelling oil for pretty much everything under the sun. I love the smell of coconut, I love coconut water, I love coconut meat,  it is always refreshing, hydrating and delicious!  Awesome uses for coconut oil >> moisturizer, lip balm, conditioner, makeup remover, face scrub, deodorant, baking and cooking purposes. I love the taste so much that I can literally eat a spoonful, keeping my hair shiny and skin blemish free. Always buy unrefined, extra virgin coconut oil, since it goes through the least process and is closest to its natural state!


Braids ::: I have always had long flowy locks, a braid is my go-to when I am in a rush or having a lazy hair day. There are endless braid options, for long and short hair. Perfect for summer and beach hair if you are like me and count the ocean as your shower. You can even rock braids for a formal occasion and literally the ideas are endless when it comes to braids, so have as much fun with it!



Green Smoothie ::: I aim to get a green juice or smoothie in me everyday. I have been trying to start most days here in Guatemala with a green smoothie, we have a VitaMix and I think it is the most amazing appliance ever invented! There are so many different greens to use, depending on your preference and if you want it taste a little on the grassy side or sweet. I try to make mine a little sweeter because some raw veggies can come across as bitter. My go-to is bananas + kale + coconut oil + pineapple.
teatreeTea Tree Oil ::: has endless medicinal remedies. This potent oil can aid everything from burns, blisters, inflammation and a sore throat. I personally like to put it on any blemishes on my face before bed. It is very potent smelling, so you either love the smell or hate it.  If you are applying it to your face it is best to dilute with a little bit of water so you don’t dry your skin out.


Pina ::: One of my favorite fruits. I have been craving pineapples lately, probably because of the tropical environment I am in. I love adding this fruit to smoothies and my morning breakfast or snack. This sweet fruit is high in vitamin C, aiding in immune system support and high blood pressure, it is a natural detoxification.  For me, Hawaii has the best pineapples, hands down. I haven’t found a pineapple as ripe, juicy and sweet as the ones I ate on Maui… but Guatemalan pineapples are pretty close behind!


Reflective Sunnies ::: a trend that originally started in the surf industry has moved into high fashion standards. I am not going to lie, I own a pair, I used to rock them everyday before I have the sunnies I own now.  I still love them, not everyone can wear them but those who do definitely stand out. They are not just a fashion statement, they keep your eyes safe from the sun!


Guatemala Textiles ::: this is a new love and obsession. I have always been drawn to bright, bold colors and patterns but since coming to Guatemala I have a new love and obsession with the textiles. The intricate hand woven textiles are amazing and really inspiring. The amount of time and energy that the artisans put into making each piece is really incredible. I am always in awe of all the different designs and craftsmanship every time I venture to the markets.


Cactus ::: always a classic love of mine. These desert plants are so simple yet can make your abode feel very homey and alive. I love sticking small cactus pots all around the house. The best part is that they are super easy to tend to, cactus need little water and lots of warm sunshine! Scatter some around your house or even a room to brighten it up!




  1. BT says:

    Love those colorful textiles as well! Hoping I can go sometime to Latin American countries, and buy some of these pretty crafts!

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