Guatemalan Huipil

H U I P I L :: (pronounced wee-peel) is a traditional blouse worn by indigenous Mayan women. Clothing is a huge cultural significance to the indigenous Guatemalan women.  The Huipil is the most important part of a indigenous women’s traditional clothing.  The design of each huipil can identify a women’s personality, they signify what village she is from and can identify her marital, social, wealth and religious status. So essentially its a canvas of your life displayed in intricate colorful woven designs, for me it would take a lot of confidence to rock a blouse describing my life.  I really appreciate the true meaning of a Huipil because it’s not just a fashion statement, it expresses who the woman is and her life. There are not certain Huipils that are “in” or “out” of fashion, it is apart of their culture and that is so special to me, better than any fashion statement out there.

Women own several Huipils, for everyday and for ceremonial purposes or special occasions. Ceremonial Huipils are the most elaborate and reserved for weddings, burials and women of high ranking.  Stela 9 frequently uses vintage Huipils in our designs. When scouring the markets for Huipils it is a majority of vintage Huipils, all from different villages and in array of different designs and colors.  It is always a fun experience to rummage through the piles of Huipils at the markets and admire the intricate meaningful designs!



photo (3)




On the hunt for Huipils in the market.











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