Artisan Weavers | Guatemala

Yesterday I had the most amazing opportunity to witness the traditional hand looming and weaving process here in Guatemala. We traveled about an hour outside of Antigua to the quaint town of Comalapa. It was a scenic drive of rolling greens and farmland, a nice change from the colorful, bustling streets of Antigua. The town of Comalapa is graced with colorful murals depicting the history of Guatemala and its progression. The Mayan women of Comalapa are dressed in very vibrant and colorful Huipils and Cortes (traditional garments worn by indigenous women.) A Huipil is a handwoven loose fitting tunic and a Corte is a handwoven traditional long skirt worn by the Mayan women. 

The Artisan weavers that we visited work directly out of their home. In their house were 3 floor looms, a backstrap loom and a spinning wheel all made of out wood and bamboo. This particular artisan group provides Stela 9 with hand woven textiles. It was an absolutely incredible experience to witness the process in person and be in the environment that the artisans work in. I am still continuously shocked by the amazing skills that all the Artisans have in Guatemala, including their work ethic and way of life. The weaving process looks extremely complicated yet the artisans worked on their floor looms with ease and you could tell these skills were taught to them at a very young age. The oldest Artisan learned her weaving techniques from her Father when she was a little girl. She has now passed the skills onto her own children and family who will keep the tradition alive and pass the skills onto their children. You can learn more about the process by watching Stela 9’s “Meet the Makers” Video.

We finished our excursion by stopping by the side of the road for some local sweet street corn. I typically steer away from street food since by stomach is not nearly as seasoned as the locals and there is good chance of getting sick… But this was some of the best corn I have ever had – sweet, grilled, served with sea salt and lime. This is the typical Guatemalan style of street corn and I will definitely be having more!


Floor Loom





 Spinning Wheel



Backstrap Loom



Floor Loom Weaving Process








Comolapa | Guatemala









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