DIY : Spring Pots

I would say that I have some what of a green thumb, it is in my blood after all. I grew up planting and caring for lush gardens full of veggies, herbs and flowers. From my previous posts, you can see that I love to have living green in and outside the house. Succulents are a trendy plant but they are also so classic and beautiful looking… plus super easy to care for, making them even more appealing!

When I have down time I love mastering up DIY projects. Before coming to Guatemala, I was on this kick of painting ceramic pots and planting them with different types of succulents and cactuses. I began making them for my house and then I started gifting them to friends – they make a very thoughtful fun gift. They are also great as party favors, I painted classic pots and potted them with succulents a few years ago for my sister’s bridal shower. Everyone loved them, and I enclosed a cute care instructions tag to the pots to give it a personal finishing touch. Today I am sharing with you spring potting inspiration if you choose to be the classic girl or the bold colorful girl!




Grab ceramic pots from your local garden shop, hardware or craft store. At the craft store you can also pick up your desired paint colors and brushes.  You should always use a pot with drainage on the bottom and then have a saucer for it. For a classic finish on the pots stick to light colors like whites and beiges. If you are a little OCD and desire clean straight lines you can easily use tape and then remove when the paint has dried. I prefer the uneven shabby chic look of a steady hand. After painting your desired look to your pot and it has dried, add a couple spoons full of succulent and cactus potting soil and pot your pretty new plants then display around your casa!









If bold, daring, bright colors are more your preference then you will love these pots! Neon colors, silvers and gold leaf make for a a colorful array to spruce up any location in or outside your house.  You can play with geometric shapes and mix color combinations using tape to mark off your lines.









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Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetCare Instructions for Succulents & Cactus 




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