Travel Diary: El Salvador

El Salvador ::: a surfer’s paradise. Seasoned surfers know that the Pacific coast has a lot to offer – Mexico, Nicaragua and Costa Rica are all known for spectacular consistent tubes. El Salvador is on a surfer’s radar but many may miss this little country on the map.  I have been lucky enough to travel to Playa El Tunco for two trips this past month. El Tunco is known for it’s consistent clean waves, small town full of surf shops, hostels and bars with live music.

Playa El Tunco is a black sand beach with multiple consistent breaks. A unique rock and a river mouth makes up the setting for some of the best sunsets where surfers from around the globe come hoping to get barreled. The warm waters and rolling waves create ideal conditions for surfers of all levels while the fine black sand beaches offer a scenic backdrop for sunbathers, swimmers and spectators alike.  Next to Playa El Tunco is Playa Sunzal which is a classic right point break with long lines perfect for long boarders –  I surfed this break and had so many fun waves (even got a few woots from the locals!)  On the other side of Playa El Tunco is La Bocana, which is the most fierce left in El Salvador, ideal for experienced surfers looking for a heavy barrel. Betwen La Bocana and El Sunzal there are two beach breaks ideal for intermediate to experienced surfers. You can easily rent a board for $10 a day. For the beginner surfers – there are many eager local surfer boys that will happily give lessons for $10 an hour.

In El Tunco, surfing isn’t just a past-time… it’s way of life. Local surfer boys with golden tans and long hair love to share their enthusiasm for surfing with travelers to this gem of a beach town. El Tunco is full of young people and travelers. El Tunco is definitely a place that could cast a spell on anyone who loves to surf and party, leaving you there for more time than you had planned. I loved it so much that I couldn’t stay away… I was already back two weeks later! Everyone surfs and hits the beach during the day then after sunset, the night life can be quite enticing in El Tunco. Beach front bars and restaurants are full of live music and dancing. El Salvador is a surfer’s dream – consistent waves with uncrowded breaks in the warm blue pacific. I highly recommend visiting El Salvador if you are traveling thru Central America or if you are looking for a fun surf trip!  \ ^^^ /


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Salvadoran Pupusas


My main diet when I was visiting El Salvador >> Pupusas. A pupusa is a traditional Salvadoran meal made of a thick handmade corn tortilla typically filled with cheese, refried beans and chicken or meat. Since I’m a veggie I stuck to the Pupusas con queso y frijoles.  The pupusas are typically 3 for $1 (depending on where you eat.)  We ate where the locals eat, in pupuserias that are attached to a local family’s house.  I had a true cultural experience seeing the family work together to run their small business and observe the women hand making the pupusas right in front of me. The pupusas are served with pickled cabbage slaw and picante (hot sauce.) They are delicious, a filling meal and super cheap!  I am already find myself craving pupusas and fun warm waves, El Salvador is somewhere that will always be on my radar to go back and travel to!







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  1. Anonymous says:

    My entire family is from El Salvador and I went many times when I was a little girl. It’s been 20 years since I’ve been there and reading this really made me miss it. You definitely give light to what this little country truly has to offer! Reading this has left me wanting to plan an upcoming trip filled with pupusas, beaches, and family.

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