Under the Desert Sun

Yew! The first weekend of Coachella starts this afternoon. Flower children and rock gods are headed to the desert. I’ve put together some killer inspiration outfits that were inspired solely by the music and the spirit of Coachella. Stela 9 bags mix perfectly with any type of festival style, stay wild dancing under the desert sun! 


1.  Spell Designs Bralette

2.  Arnhem Aurora Bells

3.  Vanessa Mooney Tank

4.  Wild & Free Flower Crown

5. Spell Designs Third Eye Ring

6.  Stela 9 Festival Belt 

7.  Matisse x Ascot Friday Sandals 




1.  Spell Designs Bralette

2. Vintage Distressed Shorts

3. Stela 9 Bolsita – Turquoise

4. The 2Bandits Earrings  

5. Valley Eyewear  

6. Tiffany Kunz Cuff  

7.  Zara Beaded Sandals

8.  Kimono found on Pinterest




1. Acacia Swimwear Overalls 

2.  Matisee X Ascot Friday Booties

3.  Swell Hat

4. The 2Bandits Earrings

5. The 2Bandits Cuff 

6. Stela 9 Mini Mochilla 




1 Comment

  1. Samantha Lee says:

    I love day 1 the most! They are all great! I DREAM of the desert and actually make jewelry inspired BY the desert ❤ I would love to go to coachella and envy everyone there!!

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