Stela 9 Footwear 2014

I am excited to share with you that Stela 9 will now be featuring footwear! I had the most amazing opportunity to meet with our local artisans and see the step-by-step process of making the shoes. I am someone who is constantly thinking about where my clothing is ultimately coming from. After witnessing the shoe making process and dedication of the artisans I have a new appreciation for anything that is handmade in Guatemala.






A small town outside of Antigua, called Pastores is where we went to see the artisans at work.  The town of Pastores is known for their handmade boots and leather shoes. I felt as if I was taking a step back in time while driving thru Pastores. The main street  was packed with small leather boot shops and tiendas.  After parking at the bottom of a hill, we had to trek it up a steep hill that was scattered with small houses.  The artisan’s house we went to visit was at the very top of the hill.  Many of the artisans that we work with, work out of their homes. As I was making my way up the hill, I couldn’t help to imagine what it would be like to have to walk up and down this hill everyday to get to my house, especially if you had your hands full.  We passed an older Guatemalan gentleman who was carrying a piece of wood up the hill that was at least 3x the size of him, and he showed no signs of struggle.

Once reaching the artisan’s house I was amazed of the entire shoe making process. This particular artisan has been making shoes his entire life. He learned from his Father and has passed on the skill to his son.  Father and son were sitting under their thatched covered roof that overlooked the small town below, making shoes. I was floored with how quickly and skillfully they worked.

The shoe making process first begins in a small leather boot shop in Pastores. A local Guatemalan man sews all Stela 9’s ethically procured leather in the shop. The body of the shoe is then sent to different artisans who work out of their homes. On our visit to this particular artisan we were able to witness the process of the sewn leather becoming a shoe. The artisan hand crafted the sole and heel of the shoe and we witnessed the whole designing process of the shoe.























I see an importance in preserving cultural traditions and the shoe making process was a pure example of this. Many artisan skills are a dying form of art and to be able to witness a local man handcrafting shoes with skills taught by his Father and now passed on to his son was really special to me.

Stela 9’s first footwear collection features 3 different types of shoes with 3  color options: Black, Wine and Brown.

Here is a sneak peek of Stela 9 Footwear 2014


corazonEl Corazaon Boot, a handcrafted leather boot with a handwoven textile heel.



El Diablito Oxford, hand crafted leather oxford with handwoven textile details .




El Nopal Ankle Boot, hand crafted leather cut out boot with handwoven textile straps.


Look out for Stela 9 Footwear in stores this Spring / Summer.

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