Wear This DIY Fringe Sweater At Your Next Festival Appearance!

May is a confusing month weather-wise in most of America, even in our home base of Los Angeles. While yes, the weather is almost always perfect here, it can get confusing when it goes from a 75 degree day to dropping to the 60’s by evening, making us wish we had brought a sweater. A fringed knit is ideal for in-between weather, capturing both our shivers and a vibrant summer spirit. Here at Stela 9 we are all about our fringe so this DIY fringed knit idea from a pair and a spare blog is too hard to resist. We’re pretty sure we’ll be rocking this fringe at our next festival appearance.

What You Need:

  • A loose weave knit
  • Scissors
  • Leather/rope (we think leather works best)
1. Begin by cutting the leather into pieces around 1 yard long. Go for around 50 pieces.
2. To start fringing, fold a piece of your fringe material in half.
3. Loop it through the wool at the top middle near the neckline. Pull tight.
4. Continue with this down the side of the sweater in a triangle shape. You can mark the shape using chalk. Have a good playlist or a TV show on, because this part can take a while but the results are oh so worth it!
5. Finish by doing the other side, mirroring the pattern and angle.
And voila! The look is complete!
Pair this with some One Teaspoon cut off shorts, ankle boots, a Panama hat, and of course, your favorite Stela 9 bag!
Ventura Backpack, $128 via Free People
Good luck and happy fringing!

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